past gigs


March 12th             HIYOMÉKI @ Fragment (Metz, FR)

March 1st               Solo @ KlangBang#25 in Basel (CH)

March 1st               Duo with Marco von Orelli @ FIM (Basel, CH)

February 1st           Eve Risser, White Dessert Orchestra @ du Bleu en hiver (Tulle, FR)

Janvier 15-17th      Scènes de violences conjugales @ Théâtre Thionville

Janvier 8th-9th       Scènes de violences conjugales @ Le Parvis (Tarbes)


December 9th        the Notebook Large Ensemble ‘‘Confluences’’ @ Moods (Zurich, CH)

December 5th-7th  Scènes de violences conjugales @ Théâtre Sorano (Toulouse)

December 3rd         Trio with Isabelle Duthoit (voice/clarinette)/ Soizic Lebrat (cello) @ Moods (Zurich, CH)

November 30th       LAUROSHILAU @ Centre d'Arte (Padova, IT)

Nov. 27th-29th        Scènes de violences conjugales @ Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne

November 20th       HIYOMÉKI @ Périscope (Lyon, FR)

November 17th       HIYOMÉKI @ JAZZDOR festival (Strasbourg, FR)

Nov. 9th-16th         'Sourdre' (with Damien Briançon (Dance)) residency @ la Fraternelle (St.Claude, FR) (performance on 16th)

November 3rd         Drums Duo with Hamid Drake @ Tampere Jazz Happening Festival (FL)

November 1st         Drums Duo with Hamid Drake @ Berlin Jazz Festival (DE)

October 19th           Trio Isabelle Duthoit (voice/clarinette)/ Soizic Lebrat (cello)/ Yuko Oshima @Mozg festival (Bydgoszcz, PL)

October 18th           Trio Isabelle Duthoit (voice/clarinette)/ Soizic Lebrat (cello)/ Yuko Oshima with Paulina Owszarek (sax) @ Galeria i (Krakow, PL)

October 17th           Trio Isabelle Duthoit (voice/clarinette)/ Soizic Lebrat (cello)/ Yuko Oshima @Pas Si Loin (Pantin, FR) for Fair_Play

October 8th-14th     Session & Recording with Elifantree (Wesserling,FR)

September 1st         Eve Risser, White Dessert Orchestra @ Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz festival (Sardaigna,It)

August 18th             Gakusei Jikken Shitsu @ Nanya (Nagoya, JP)

August 16th             Mjork @ Valentine Drive (Nagoya, JP)

March 25th              'IRODORI' @ Festival ARSMONDO (+) (Strasbourg,FR)

March 24th .             Solo @ Festival Musiques Éclatées (+)(Strasbourg,FR)

March 23th               Festival de lecture 'Actuelles 20' @ TAPS (+)  (Strasbourg, FR)  

February 23th           Eve Risser, White Dessert Orchestra @ Just Music Festival (Wiesbaden, GE)

January 16/17th       Scènes de violences conjugales @ Théâtre Firmin Gémier / La Piscine (FR)


October 15th             Trio Isabelle DUTHOIT (voice, clarinette) / Soizic LEBRAT (cello) / Yuko OSHIMA (drums) at Ausland (Berlin, GE)

October 11th             Eve Risser, White Dessert Orchestra at La Filature (Mulhouse, FR)

October 7th               Solo at Petit Faucheux (Tours, FR)

August 27th               Eve Risser, White Dessert Orchestra at International Jazzfestival, Saalfelden (AT) (+)

August 10th               Gakusei Jikken Shitsu, release party of 'Hekizan' album at Valentine Drive (Nagoya, JP)

August 8th                 Mjork (Ryoko Ono (sax), Yuki Kaneko(violin),Yuko Oshima(dms)) at Nanya (Nagoya, JP)

July 21th                    Eve Risser, White Dessert Orchestra at Molde Jazz Festival (NO) (+)

May 26th                    Trio Frantz Loriot (viola) / Anil Eraslan (cello) / Yuko Oshima (drums) at WIM (Zurich, CH) (+)

May 19th                     White Dessert Orchestra at Théâtre national de Quimper (FR)

May 14th                     Lauroshilau at festival de printemps de Métalu (Lille, FR)

May 13th.                    Lauroshilau at l'an Vert (Liége, BE)

May 12th                     Lauroshilau at Het Bos (Antwerps, BE)

May 11th.                    Lauroshilau at Tenace (Bruxelles, BE)

April 25th                    White Dessert Orchestra at Théâtre national de Tarbes (FR)

April 12th                    Donkey Monkey at Théâtre des quatre saisons (Gradignan, FR)

March 22th                 Bishinkodo at Tetris /festival PiedNu (Le Havre, FR)

March 10th                 Scènes de violences conjugales at Espace1789 (St.Ouen, FR) 

February 19th            Trio with Isabelle Duthoit / Soizic Lebrat at Stimultania (Strasbourg, FR)

February 18th            Trio with Isabelle Duthoit / Soizic Lebrat at Terminus (Sarregumin, FR)

February 17th            Trio with Isabelle Duthoit / Soizic Lebrat at Théâtre de Poche(Wesserling, FR)

Feb 7th-11th              Scènes de violences conjugales at Théâtre national de Bordeaux (FR)

February 3th              Donkey Monkey at Théâtre du Briançonnais (FR)

January 28th             Kubilai Khan Investigations at Théâtre des Salins (FR)

January 20th             Bishinkodo at Théâtre du Saulcy (Metz, FR)

January 15th             Solo at Wim (Zurich, CH)


Nov11th-Dec11th     Scènes de violences conjugales at Théâtre de la tempête (Paris,FR)

Sep 16-17th              Solo at Festival Constelations/Kubilai Khan Investigations (Toulon, FR)

August 23th              Trio with Frantz Loriot / Anil Eraslan at festival Météo (Mulhouse, FR)

June 28th.                 Donkey Monkey at Ottawa Jazz Festival (CA)

June 27th.                 Donkey Monkey at Vancouver Jazz Festival (CA)

June 6-8th                 Scènes de violences conjugales at Colomber (Paris, FR)

May 29th                   Donkey Monkey at Coté Jardin de Muziekcentrum de Bijloke (Gent,BE)

May 19th                   Scène de violences conjugales at Palais des fêtes (Romainville, FR)

February 26th.          Bishinkodo at Césaré (Centre national de création musicale) (Reims, FR)


December 29th.        Mjork at Valentine Drive (Nagoya, JP)

December 11th.        Donkey Monkey at Theater NO99 jazz club (Jazzkaar festival) (Tallinn, EE)

December 4th            Trio Duthoit/Lebrat/Oshima at Panonica (Nantes,FR)

November 28th.        Notebook Large Ensemble at Unerhört music festival (Zurich, CH)

November 23th         Donkey Monkey at Jazztopad festival (Wroclaw, PL)

November 19th         Donkey Monkey at Espace Croix-baragnon (Toulouse, FR)

November 12th         Donkey Monkey at Petit Faucheux (Tours,FR)

November 11th         Donkey Monkey at D'jazz Nevers festival (Nevers, FR)

October 24th.            with Anna Högberg, Mette Rasmussen,Christine Abdelnour,Audrey Lauro (sax), Pak Yan Lau(piano) at Sound in Motion (Antwerp, BE)

October 15th             Donkey Monkey at Les Trinitaires (Metz, FR)

October 13th             Donkey Monkey at Jazzèbre (Perpignan, FR)

August 29th               Donkey Monkey at Rendez-vous de l'Erdre (Nantes, FR)

August 28th               Donkey Monkey at International Jazzfestival Saalfelden (AT)

August 18th               Donkey Monkey at Jazz Campus en Clunisois (Cluny, FR)

August 9th                 Donkey Monkey at Gaume Jazz Festival (BE)

July 31th.                   Donkey Monkey at Vague de Jazz (Sable d'olons, FR)

July 22th                    Donkey Monkey at Jazz à Junas (FR)

July 10th                    Donkey Monkey at Jazz à Luz (FR)

July 22th                    Donkey Monkey at L'AJMI (FR)

July 5th                      Gunkanjima at Festival MIMI (Marseille, FR)

June 21th                   Donkey Monkey at Paris Jazz Festival (FR)

June 20th                   Lauroshilau at Desterro (Lisbon, PT)

June 19th                   Lauroshilau at LOBO SOLITARIO (Lisbon, PT)

June 18th                   Lauroshilau at Salao Brazil (Coimbra, PT)

June 17th                   Lauroshilau at Maus Habits (Porto, PT)

June 6th                     Donkey Monkey at Jazz à Luberon (FR)

June 3th                     Donkey Monkey at Jazz d'or Berlin (DE)

May 24th                   «OW AO» with Julie Rousse (electronics)/ Kurt d'Haeseleer (video) at Music Action (Nancy, FR)

May 23th                    Solo at Music Action (Nancy,FR)

May 14th                    Donkey Monkey at Festival Jazz sous les pommiers (Coutances,FR)

May 12th                    Donkey Monkey at Festival Onze heurs Onze ( Paris, FR)

April 23th                   Donkey Monkey at Jazzahead (Bremen,DE)


September 26th         the Dors  (donkey monkey + trio vd) at Dulcimar Bar (Manchester, UK)

September 25th         the Dors  (donkey monkey + trio vd) at the view two gallery (Liverpool, UK)

September 24th         the Dors  (donkey monkey + trio vd) at Jazz at the lescar (Sheffield, UK)

August 31th                Solo at Gallery L'Escalier (Brumath, FR)

April 25th                    Solo at Apo 33 (Nantes, FR)

February 15th             Ganjin at cave Umlaut (Paris, FR)

February 14th             Donkey Monkey at AMR (Genève, CH)

February 13th             Ganjin at Bat ilo (Paris, FR)

February 2nd              Donkey Monkey at Scène National de Besançon (FR)

February 13th             Ganjin at Bat ilo (Paris, FR)